A Commitment to Sustainable Agriculture

We work with 140,000 dairy farmers around the world as well as with producers of cereals, fruits and other raw ingredients. The health of their business and local environment is the starting point for the food and beverages through which we can foster healthier and more sustainable eating and drinking practices.


Co-owner of McCarty Family Farms, U.S. A fourth-generation dairy producer with 8,000 cows in Western Kansas and Nebraska, U.S.

As part of the U.S. Dannon pledge, his farm is the first to achieve full Validus certification, putting food safety and quality, animal welfare and environmental responsibility at the heart of its business.

"From the first meeting with Danone I felt our vision was aligned.

The relationship perfectly matched the sustainability, pricing and personal goals of our family. It’s enabled us to better shape our business, grow a stable profit during a volatile period and connect with consumers.To meet Danone’s milk needs we doubled our herd size to 8,000 cows, expanded our dairies and created a processing plant to sustainably transport our milk to the yogurt plant. It’s a huge source of pride for the family, our employees and the communities where our dairies live. We feel a real responsibility for Dannon products that have been made from our milk. It was important to meet the highest standards in terms of animal welfare and being a responsible producer. We are the only US dairy farm to have completed all four areas of Validus certification and achieved non-GMO product verification. With Danone, we’re partnering for the long-term to the values of McCarty Family Farms. It enables fantastic innovation to improve the lives of cattle, environmental sustainability and enhanced consumer experience.”


President and dairy farmer at the Sidi Ziane Cooperative, Berrechid Province, Morocco

Bouazza Banan is one of the 10,000 smallholder farmers being supported by Hlib Bladi - a project created by Danone Ecosystem Fund and Centrale Danone in Morocco to improve milk quality and livelihoods.

"The Hlib Bladi project helps me to develop my business with advanced training from technical teams.

I have a 10-hectare farm where I grow barley, oats, corn silage, wheat and some alfalfa as well as owning 25 dairy cows. This farm has been in our family for a long time. I’m proud to continue the tradition by trying to do things better on the farm. The Hlib Bladi project helps me to develop my business with advanced training from technical teams on ways to improve the quality of milk and my farming practices. A farmer always cares about the environment, starting with his people, animals and plant resources. We must work together to protect the environment, to ensure that agriculture and dairy farming is sustainable. For example by reusing crop waste for the well-being of animals and the soil we contribute to the production of healthy local food.”