Innovating Together for Better Health

Connecting science and nutrition helps us bring health through food that is adapted to cultural differences and dietary practices. On topics from digestion, allergy and hydration science to food safety, our researchers are working with academics, industry experts and public health stakeholders to nourish our innovation for consumer health.


CIRAD and Chair of the High Level Panel of Experts of the United Nations Committee on World Food Security, France.

He is exploring with Danone possible pathways for improving community-based food systems.

"We urgently need to think differently about the future and that’s why the scientific community is interested in working with Danone.

Food and alimentation have become a universal concern. Global awareness is growing about the interrelation of health, environment and social matters. The issues at stake such as the link between local and global food systems, and the future of food and agriculture, are complex. Danone's desire to do things differently leads us naturally to explore these issues together. We are pooling our resources, beyond our immediate areas of expertise and interest, to imagine and build new approaches for nutrition in a fairer and more sustainable world, rooted in local dynamics."


Professor of Nutrition at Tufts University, U.S.

Danone is supporting a project led by Susan exploring cultural influences on eating habits.

"I see a return to healthy eating not just as a way to protect health, but to heal some of the ills in the world today.

My connection with research and nutrition specialists at Danone is strong because I passionately believe that eating in healthy ways is not only compatible with great enjoyment of food, but also that healthy, delicious meals can positively strengthen our bonds with friends and family. I see a return to healthy eating not just as a way to protect health, but to heal some of the ills in the world today, including social dislocation and poor health. Danone has provided seed funds for a project exploring cultural influences on eating habits. We hope to use this ongoing work as a jumping off point for more ambitious projects, including adapting to different countries my weight loss program which embodies Danone’s alimentation approach and is focused on healthy eating for weight control.”