Social Innovators

Social Innovators

Creating Value in Local Communities

We have always believed that economic growth and social progress go together. Through this dual commitment, we put the successful development of communities and their environment at the heart of our business. By investing in and supporting community-led projects, we are exploring with our partners how to create a more sustainable future.


Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jibu, East Africa.

Danone Communities is supporting a social business called Jibu that has developed a unique model to bring safe drinking water in countries like Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

"We capitalize and equip emerging market entrepreneurs to create affordable access to drinking water and other necessities.

Water is central in Danone’s "One Planet. One Health" vision. Jibu contributes to this by empowering local entrepreneurs to start their own safe drinking water franchises, increasing access for low-income communities. Danone Communities provides financial support thanks to the fund while Danone employees bring their technical expertise to help solve some of our challenges, from optimizing costs to increasing our reach. Jibu’s business model gives individuals an opportunity to create a meaningful business that generates a livelihood for themselves and their families, while meeting a real need in society. ”


VI Agroforestry, Kenya.

The Livelihoods Fund, supported by Danone, joined forces with Brookside Dairy and NGO VI Agroforestry in a project to improve the livelihoods of 30,000 farmers in the Mount Elgon region of Kenya. Its aim: implementing smart agricultural practices to increase yield and milk production for the benefit of farmers, their animals and the local ecosystem.

"It provides a solution for many challenges so that the crops, the animals and the farmers get to benefit.

The Mount Elgon project combines agricultural productivity, environmental conservation and the dairy value chain in one package to deliver something very positive that improves the lives of farmers. Agroforestry—growing trees alongside crops and livestocks—is at the center of everything we do. It provides a solution for many of the challenges that we are trying to deal with—controlling soil erosion, providing food for human beings, fodder for animals, fertility for the soil—so that the crops, the animals and the farmers get to benefit.”