Co-Building the Circular Economy of Packaging

Packaging is essential to ensure food safety and to reduce food waste. But it also presents an environmental challenge. Pooling expertise and resources with partners across the food and drinks industry, we are working to co-build the circular economy of packaging, source sustainable materials and create a second-life for all plastics.


Chief Executive Officer, Origin Materials, U.S.

As part of the NaturALL Bottle Alliance, Danone along with Nestlé Waters, is working with U.S. startup Origin Materials to develop a 100% bio-based and recyclable PET bottle.

"Danone has been beside us all the way as our partner.

By challenging us, Danone has driven Origin Materials beyond our own perceived limits to develop materials that are not just renewable, but also perform better, are more economic and produced in a more robust way. Our counterparts at Danone are personally committed to our shared purpose. They have been elbows-deep in the details of our technology, our company and our supply chain in order to maximize their contribution to our success. Most of all, we have been amazed by the alignment between the individuals and functional areas at Danone, all of whom speak with one voice.”