Trade Unionists

Trade Unionists

Advancing Together for Social Progress

Our commitment to social dialogue recognizes that employees are key in our business success. Over 40 years, we’ve developed a series of international agreements for a common set of policies across the company that guide dialogue at local level. This framework helps us to better engage and include all employees in improving our collective performance.


Former Secretary General of the International Union of Food Workers (IUF).

As part of his duties, Ron worked to ensure that members have the universal right to form and join unions as well as the fundamental right to collective bargaining.

"We seek a willingness to engage in international discussions and negotiations in a relationship beyond that of a simple ‘stakeholder’

It guarantees the space within which affiliates can fully exercise fundamental workplace rights guaranteed by the international framework. The current features of the world’s economy make it essential but also more challenging that companies and trade unions engage. The IUF/Danone engagement allows us to undertake pioneering work, seeking to set standards within Danone that exceed those of our international framework. The recent agreement in defense of stable employment is an example of that. It is a commitment that management will engage in good faith discussions with International Union of Food Workers (IUF) affiliates to ensure that the agreement meaningfully impacts local and national Danone employment practices.”


Chairwoman, Works Council, Milupa, Germany.

Bettina’s unwavering interest in the condition of employees and protection of their rights prompted her to join Milupa’s Works Council in 2002. She is now Chairwoman of Milupa’s Works Council and Representative to the Works Council of Danone’s sites in Germany. She is also Director representing Danone’s employees.

"My relationship with Danone is based on respect and trust.

The relationship between Danone and its employees is eye-to-eye. Different opinions and approaches are discussed democratically so that decisions can be understood and respected. This creates trust. Danone produces healthy products out of conviction. Through mutual trust, people can communicate and demonstrate the company’s strategy for healthy nutrition at work and in their everyday lives. We walk the talk together.”