'Natur'ALL Bottle Alliance': co-developing a 100% bio-sourced bottle

'Eat Like A Champ': Encouraging U.K. Children to Adopt Healthier Food and Drinking Practices

'Phosphatine': Preventing Anemia in Babies in Africa with an iron-rich product

Danone Communities: ‘Safe Water Enterprise Model’, a New Company Model to Providing Access to Safe Drinking Water

Developing talents through Danone's social innovation funds

evian: first international Danone brand to become carbon neutral by 2020

evian: 100% Circular Brand by 2025

iCare Awards: Encouraging 'Culture of Quality' Mindset and Behaviors at Danone

Danone Ecosystem Fund: 'Terragr’Eau Methanization', Combining Sustainable Farming with Water Resource Preservation in Evian’s Natural Mineral Water Area

Dannon’s Commitment to the "Partnership for a Healthier America"

AQUA Ladies Ambassadors: encouraging housewives to become entrepreneurs

'Rejoso Kita': Protecting Indonesia's Rejoso Watershed

Danone Ecosystem Fund: 'Cartoneros', Inclusive Recycling in Argentina

The 'Danone Ethics Line': enabling employees or stakeholders to report any ethical concern

Russian Nutrition Center of Excellence: boosting the resilience of young cancer patients through improved nutrition

Danone Ecosystem Fund: 'Lemon Aide', Boosting Plastic Bottle Recycling & Social Inclusion in France

Danone Ecosystem Fund: 'Margarita', Sustainable Dairy Farming in Mexico

'Socrates' Program: Biodiversity Trials on Farms for Apples and Carrots in Early Life Nutrition

Fundación Villavicencio: Safeguarding Biodiversity and Water Resources

Danone Ecosystem Fund: 'Les 2 Pieds sur Terre', Helping French Dairy Farmers to Reduce their Environmental Footprint

Livelihoods Carbon Fund: The 'Araku Way', Reforestation and Social Inclusion in India

Aqua Indonesia: Turning Plastic Bottle Waste into Fashion Products with H&M

Danone Communities: 'Grameen Danone', Fighting Poverty and Malnutrition in Bangladesh

Danone Communities: 'NutriGo', a Social Business to Sustainably Alleviate Anemia in China

Danone Ecosystem Fund: 'Stand by Mums', Supporting Motherhood in Romania

Livelihoods Fund for Family Farming: Building a Resilient Vanilla Supply Chain with Farmers in Madagascar

Livelihoods Carbon Fund: Restorating Mangroves in Senegal to Sequester Carbon with Local Communities

Danone Ecosystem Fund: 'Ana Bella', Professional Training Supports Victims of Domestic Violence in Spain

Danone Ecosystem Fund: 'Pick-it!', Developing an Inclusive Recycling Program in Ghana